Branding is Important in Your business. Here’s why

Branding is key for every business.As a business owner, you must understand how your brand is perceived.  We hear the terms branding and re-branding while dealing with customers. Brand as we all know it, use to be a symbol, logo or sign or a name attached or used to recognize a product or company.Ads

However, as marketing evolved, the word branding began to take a huge shape. It has now gone beyond symbols or just a name. Branding is everything. Your brand is who you are, who you want to be and who you want people to perceive you as. Successful branding programs are based on concept of singularity. It differentiates you from the rest. The objective is to create in the mind of the prospect that there is no other product on the market quite like your product.


Good marketing and branding goes hand in hand. Marketing is not selling. Conventional marketing is based on selling, when in reality it should be based on branding. When you have a powerful brand, you will have a powerful marketing strategy. If you can’t, all your advertising, fancy packaging ,sales promotion, web and graphic designs, etc wont be able to achieve that.

The strong effect of branding is that it pre-sells the product or service to the user. It is a more efficient way to sell your product. I remember one year, I paid for a product because of the brand. The brand was top notch, everyone was literally freaking out to grab the product. Another great example is the GOT movie. The producers and directors built a brand with it, in the scripts, acting, scenes, every line tells a story of a great brand. No other movie could compete with it when the movie began to show at cinemas. People even anticipate its coming because they have built a name for itself.

Now imagine your business was Game of Thrones. What price would you pay to build a superior brand that will get your customers hooked and even waiting for you to manufacture your next product. Remember those who didn’t watch game of thrones or who aren’t fans were treated like outcast (smiles). Build your brand and let your audience sing the song for your product. Your business will do much better if you focus on creating a fantastic brand. Remember that brand building is beyond sales. It is who you are and the way customers perceive you. It is in your customer service also, in your response to your customers, in the way you treat them and all.

There’s no harm in re-branding. Re-brand if need be. We are just a call away.

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